Hi, I have come up with the famous “Colding Method” of teaching chess to children.

My methods are very simple and consist of:

  1. Evaluation  and assessment of each child strengths and weaknesses.
  2.  Filling in the particular gaps which each child has in their knowledge
  3. Practice
  4. Re-evaluation
  5. Motivation
  6. repeat as many times as necessary until the skills are acquired.

We have created many lessons which can teach children as young as 3 years of age. We have lessons for those who have learning disabilities and other challenges. In ouchess teamr world, every child can learn and we have proven this to be true over  many decades.

We make sure that our lessons are fun and informative. If the child doesn’t learn we take responsibility for it and if necessary change our approach. We realize that children learn in many different ways and we use whatever way that suits them best. If a child doesn’t learn it is the teacher’s fault and not the child’s.

The last element that we add is the love of the child and the love of what we do. We hire people not because of their talent in chess but because of commitment to the children they serve.

Chess is a great tool for looking into the mind of a child.  A Chess for Children instructor is always aware  of that. We look into a child’s mind, find their fallacies of thought and use chess as a tool to remove them.

Yes we are successful in competition and that is great but our goal is greater than that. We want to create great citizens. We want to give our children access to opportunities, we want to make them smarter!

So for all of these reasons choose our program because we don’t just teach lessons, we build communities.